I am a composer, an arranger and a multi-instrumentalist. I create classical, entertainment, theatre and media music.
In my pieces I combine different music genres, looking for new sounds and original forms. If you want to know my composer’s style, please visit MEDIA tab.
I work on a daily basis with many Polish and foreign artists, cultural institutions and theatres (Opera da Camera di Roma, the Warsaw Chamber Opera, the Baltic Opera, the Baltic Philharmonic, the Mazowiecki Musical Theatre, the Royal Symphony Orchestra in Wilanów, the Gdynia Film School, Culture Centre in Gdynia), as well as companies from the arts and media industry (EON 46 Studio, Weird Johnny Studio). My arrangements were performed at many concerts and festivals (Ladies Jazz Festival, BMW Jazz Club, TV concerts for TVP 2, TVP 3 and Republika TV, New Year's Concert at the National Philharmonic).
I encourage you to visit PROJECTS tab where you can find out about my more significant projects.